The DirectLaw Story

DirectLaw - Law That You Can AffordWhat We Do

DirectLaw, was established to provide moderate and middle income clients effective access to the legal system. Our legal solutions include free legal information, smart legal forms for pro se litigants, legal check-ups, legal advice by phone for a flat fee, and  a virtual law firm platform that enables law firms to offer “unbundled legal services” for a fixed fee over the Internet. 

A New Way of Buying Legal Services

We believe that for the average consumer there is a better way to buy legal services than simply accepting the stated hourly rate from an attorney, with no upside limit on the amount of legal fees spent on a matter. Instead, by combining self-education strategies, self-help smart legal forms, and legal services that are offered for a fixed fee for a specific project, it is possible for a consumer to limit their exposure to controllable legal fee expenditures. This idea doesn’t work for every type of legal matter, but it can work for many kinds of legal transactions.

Three Ideas About the Delivery of Legal Services

Our experience has resulted in three insights that are reflected in the design of the DirectLaw Service:

(1) In certain situations, and depending on your personal capabilities, just having access to the correct legal form can yield a satisfactory or “good enough” result — a way for you to resolve your legal problems without spending a fortune on legal fees;

(2) In many other situations, you would benefit from legal advice/guidance to select and use a legal form correctly; and

(3) In more complex and conflicted situations, you may need to be fully represented by an attorney.


The DirectLaw Web site will help you choose which of these alternatives suits you best, depending on your individual circumstances.

We offer fully interactive legal forms at the lowest possible cost from this Web site using our SmartLegalForms technology.

We offer the two best, low-cost alternatives to solve a legal problem:

    • free legal information plus low-cost, interactive legal forms that you can see being created as you answer our online questionnaire. The forms are available for immediate download;
    • legal advice or “limited legal services” from an online law firm that offers legal forms bundled with legal advice for a flat fee that is often less than you would pay to a non-lawyer document preparation company.

We hope that you will find that the DirectLaw Web site provides you with legal solutions that you can afford.