How It Works

How It Works

The DirectLaw Network of Online Law Firms is a transparent marketplace of flat fee lawyers that offer fixed fee legal services over the Internet at affordable fees.

The law firms participating in DirectLaw provide you with a secure client portal that enables these firms to provide you with legal services online.

This means:

  • They can provide you with legal advice online.
  • You can securely store legal documents online.
  • You can make appointments online.
  • You can quickly and easily buy and create legal documents bundled with legal advice for a fixed fee – all online.
  • You can purchase a legal review of a document or pleading that you have received from another party.

Go Shopping for Legal Services

To connect with an online law firm in your state, search in our directory.

  • Prices, forms, and services offered vary from firm to firm.
  • Search for a law firm that best meets your needs.
  • Unlike traditional law firms, the firms listed here state the fees they charge for the services they offer and all services are for a fixed fee.

You can tell what each firm offers based on the symbols below, which appear on each law firm listing.

Here is what these symbols mean

DirectLaw NetworkLegal Documents Bundled with Legal Advice

All of the law firms will show this legal document symbol. This means you can complete an online questionnaire which will create a legal document that your lawyer will review and provide you with legal advice in the fee for the service. Document services are offered in every area from small business documents to wills to divorce and marital separation agreements.

DirectLaw NetworkLegal Advice by Telephone

This symbol means that the law firm provides telephone legal advice for a fixed fee, charged either by the question or by the minute. Many of the DirectLaw firms charge a simple fixed fee for providing legal advice.


DirectLaw Network
Legal Advice by Email

This symbol means that the law firm provides legal advice by email for a fixed fee.


DirectLaw Network
Legal Advice by Video Chat

This symbol means that the law firm can provide legal advice through a video service like Skype. As with telephone advice, a fixed fee is charged.


DirectLaw NetworkLegal Document Review

This symbol means that if you receive a document from another party and you would like to have a lawyer review it, you can upload the document from your computer to your own secure client portal. Your lawyer can set a price for reviewing the document, and you can accept the quoted fee or decline it. If you accept the fee, your lawyer will review the document and advise you about your rights and liabilities and what your course of action should be.