DirectLaw, Inc., and its parent company, SmartLegalForms, Inc., is a leading provider of virtual law firm web services that enable law firms to serve their clients on-line. We are also a developer of digital legal applications such as automated legal forms, and expert legal systems, that consumers can either use directly, or lawyers can use to increase their productivity. The company publishes do-it-yourself legal forms, and maintains a network of consumer facing web sites that provide free legal content, software, and ebooks. DirectLaw maintains the only directory of law firms delivering legal services online to consumers and small business.

SmartLegalForms, Inc., (formerly Network Legal Solutions, Inc., and subsequently Epoq, US, Inc.), was established in 1998, when Richard S. Granat, after creating The People’s Law Library of Maryland at Maryland School of Law, recognized the power of the Internet to become a new platform for the delivery of legal services and legal information.

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