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DirectLaw’s “LawPaths” service is a free service that is designed to help you analyze the best way to resolve your legal problem, while doing so at the lowest reasonable cost. We are not a legal referral service. We are more like a “Legal Concierge” pointing you to different legal resources on the Internet that can solve your problem.

Different legal problems require different legal solutions. Sometimes just legal information alone can solve your legal problem. Or a legal form. Sometimes you need just a bit of legal advice to go down the right path. Or you may need what is now called a “limited service” or “unbundled legal service” from an attorney. Sometimes you need the full representational services of an attorney, and you will need to pay for those services by the hour if you cannot locate an attorney in your area that will charge you a flat fee. You may also qualify for free legal services if you are income eligible.

You can approach a legal problem as a kind of a puzzle that requires an appropriate solution – a solution where you spend no more on legal fees than necessary.

Our LawPaths service is designed to guide you down the appropriate path to solve your puzzle. We are your personal Legal Concierge – helping you to find just the right legal resource that is appropriate to the kind of problem you have.

You can also use our LawPaths service to assess whether there is a legal solution that can resolve a problem in your daily life. In other words, we often have problems in our daily lives that have a legal dimension and we don’t know it. A simple legal solution may be the only thing required to solve that problem. [Read More about this approach.]

This is a free service from DirectLaw. Please note that you are limited to one submission per individual.

Currently, our LawPaths service is limited to the following subject areas. [Watch for more subject areas in the future.]

  • Divorce Matters
  • Name Change
  • Child Support
  • Estate Planning Matters
  • Consumer Matters
  • Bankruptcy

We do not provide legal advice from this web site. Our LawPaths service will provide you with advice on how to resolve your legal problem at the lowest possible cost; this is not legal advice.

Your email address is always confidential and never sold or distributed to any third party.

This service is subject to our Terms and Privacy Policy.

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