Legal Advice Online

Legal Advice Online

Legal advice online by phone or email for a fixed fee.

To resolve a legal matter or move on to the next step in a legal action, sometimes the only thing you need is an answer to a question – but many times it requires advice from an attorney licensed in your state. Legal Advice Online may be just the service you need that enables you to proceed on your own, saving on legal fees.

The DirectLaw Legal Advice Service gives you an affordable, convenient way to obtain the professional advice you need and peace of mind you want.

Many law firms in the DirectLaw Network offer legal advice by phone or by email for a fixed and reasonable fee. To access this service:

  • Do a search for a law firm in your state.
  • Select a law firm that you like and offers the services you are looking for.
  • Purchase the service directly from the law firm online.
  • Pricing ranges from $30-$75.00 per call, depending on the law firm and the subject matter.

Your lawyer will:

  • Listen to your situation.
  • Ask clarifying questions and give preliminary advice.
  • Explain how the law applies to you and provide information on the steps you can take to resolve your situation.

The DirectLaw Legal Advice Service is designed to provide you with:

  • An analysis of your specific situation.
  • Advice about alternative means to resolve your dispute, including recommending mediation and arbitration, when appropriate.
  • Advice about your legal rights.
  • Information about procedures for filing or serving documents (if applicable).

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