Pricing Legal Services

Pricing Legal Services

Typical Pricing of Legal Services
From DirectLaw Online Law Firms

  • Pricing Legal Services: Each law firm in the DirectLaw Network sets their own pricing.
  • Document services pricing includes legal advice for a fixed fee.
  • Pricing of legal services often depends on local market conditions and the complexity of the particular matter.
  • These services are “limited legal services” which means that the client represents themselves in a hearing or takes responsibility for executing their own documents.
  • When clients do simple tasks themselves, they can save on legal fees. The legal fees below do not include filing fees or the cost of serving papers on an opposing party. However, some DirectLaw law firms offer filing or service of process as additional options.
  • Many of the DirectLaw law firms also offer full service representation at a stated hourly rate. The hourly rate will vary from firm to firm.

Pricing Legal Services: A menu of prices for different legal solutions and a comparison.

Here is a table of typical legal fees for services within the DirectLaw Network of Online Law Firms, compared to Avvo, another provider of online legal services:

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